Your Transportation needs vary greatly depending on your patient’s mobility status, with a robust menu of transportation services, PMT is your one-stop-shop for all your medical transportation needs.

Riverside County

  • Ambulance (Basic Life Support)
  • Gurney
  • Wheelchair

San Bernardino County

  • Gurney
  • Wheelchair
  • Ambulance (Special Events Only)

Orange County

  • Ambulance (Basic Life Support)


If you or your patient requires a higher level of transportation, try our CAAS Accredited Basic Life Support Transport. This Transport is provided on a Ambulance Unit and will have highly skilled EMTs for assistance during transport. We also provide Ambulance transports into the Emergency Room. If you are experiencing non-life threatening symptoms and need medical attention we can get to you fast, and get you the attention you need.


Premier Medical Transportation specializes in the transportation of bed-confined patients. We understand the special care and careful handling these individuals need due to their medical conditions or fragile physical status.

Our gurney van teams are specially trained in proper patient movement techniques and gurney manipulation to provide the highest quality care for your patients during transport and to/from the bed.

In cases where patients exceed 300 pounds additional attendants may be required.


Our wheelchair transportation services are for individuals who are wheelchair bound and unable to transfer safely to a passenger vehicle. The client remains in the wheelchair throughout the trip. We secure wheelchairs using especially designated straps and further secure patients with appropriate safety devices.Our staff will assist the patient to/from bed to the wheelchair safely and with dignity.

Ask for one of our Specialty Chairs: Reclining Wheelchair, Extra Wide Wheelchair, & Stair-chairs.


We provide ambulance coverage for Special Events, Standby and Private Events that require the presence of EMT’s. Graduations, Community Events or Active Sports Events we can provide the safety you require.