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November 1, 2017
New beginnings for HOT youth.
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Over the last year, the HOT (Health Occupations Training) program has worked with two motivated WIOA (Workforce Investment and Opportunties Act) youth as they strive to build their futures in health care. We cheered for our young lady, Shuvette, when she walked across the stage at last year’s Y-4 Conference to be recognized for “Best Professional Dress.” Then we congratulated Neery as he too walked across a stage to receive his Medical Assistant certificate at San Manuel Gateway College. Both of these young people have endured hardships but aren’t letting that get in the way of their dreams. Let’s catch up with them:
Shuvette: A former foster care youth, this young woman has taken every opportunity the HOT program has afforded her. She attended the leadership retreat, and the Y-4 conference, and actively participates in the HOT workshops, and the one-on-one support our youth outreach specialists have given her. She jumped at the chance to participate in a three-week paid work experience (PWE) we set up for her and was placed at Premier Medical Transport (PMT) in Colton, CA. She was eager to learn, worked hard, and was always on time. She so impressed her supervisor at PMT, they knew they offered her a permanent position. Shuvette is now a non-emergency patient transporter and is extremely happy about her new job. Her huge grin shows it! She plans to get as much experience as she can at PMT and pursue a degree in Pysical Therapy.


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